Agency Update

We have been without an adoption agency for over a month now. The Lord has been so merciful during this time and has truly healed our broken hearts. All along we have had such a peace about our decision but of course have been sad about the boys. The Lord has reminded us that they are His children and he knows what is best for them and for us. We are so thankful for this truth! We pray the boys have a loving family to go home to quickly.

As for us, we (Matt actually) have spent hours searching for new agencies to explore and compare. We had it narrowed down to two we liked and then for various reasons the Lord led us away from those. We have spent the last couple of weeks focusing on three different agencies and like them all. There is one we feel more drawn to and Matt will be meeting with them tomorrow (they are local). Please pray that God will give us clarity in choosing the agency He wants us to use. The agency that will help us bring our children home!


Never Been Tagged...

Until now! I have seen tags on blogs, but have never been apart of one before. A friend, Tiffany (who was actually one of my youth leaders growing up and God has since crossed our paths), tagged me to post the 4th picture in my 4th folder from my pictures. Here it is! This picture is from Matt’s work party this fall. We went on a dinner cruise on the Ohio River. This picture is of downtown Louisville. It isn’t really an exciting picture, but it reminded me of the time Matt and I have been here and how much God has blessed us during our time in Louisville. Although we are away from family and friends whom we miss terribly, we love Louisville. We both have jobs that we love, a church family we love, and dear friends we love. I wouldn’t trade our time here for anything! We have grown so much as a couple during our time here. Thank you Lord for gentle reminders of your grace and blessings!