Hosanna Belle

This is her! Our daughter. We already love her so much! Everyone told me I would forget about the sickness and they were right. The more I look at her, the more my love grows for her and I realize it was all worth it! We are 24 weeks today and she is moving around like crazy! It’s very cool to feel her from the inside, but even cooler when Matt or I can feel her kicking our hands on the outside. She’s our little miracle!

Before the end of the school year, my wonderful colleagues threw me a surprise baby shower. It was fabulous! Of course I cried as soon as I walked in the door! I thought I was headed to another ole meeting, but it wasn’t! We ate yummy food (a cake from Pie Kitchen!), played games and opened many gifts. Everyone was so gracious! Hosanna received many wonderful things. We are so thankful for everything that was given to us. My class also gave Hosanna a very special gift, a basket full of board books. I sat down just today and read through many of them. So thoughtful! I know we will spend many hours reading those books to Hosanna over the years.

Quick Adoption Update – I am planning on redoing our paperwork this week for our new agency. Some documents we are able to reuse, but many have to be redone due to expirations and changes. Our hope is to have all of the paperwork done this summer and receive a referral this fall. That would hopefully put us traveling sometime within the first six months of 2010. We are going to be patient and let the Lord work out all of the details. We know his timing is best!