Beach and Baby

Last week I was able to take a quick vacation with my dad, mom and brother (and Hosanna, of course). It was so special to spend time with them, just like the old days! Three of us got totally cooked on the first day, so we spent the rest of the week under the canopy or inside. It rained all day the last day we were there, so we played a board game just about all day. It was a very relaxing trip. We ate lots of seafood and ice cream! One of the best things was being in the water. I have always loved water; the pool, the lake, the beach, the bath. Being pregnant, the water was even better! It took away all the little aches and pains of pregnancy and I slept like a baby! I came home dropping hints to Matt that we really need a Y membership. We will see if he gets the hint!
Me and my family!
Hosanna and I soaking up some sun!

After our beach trip, mom and dad made the journey to Louisville to help us with the nursery. Actually, the main task on the agenda was to get the garage organized so that we could clean out the house some to make way for baby! While I was relaxing at the beach, my wonderful husband was busting his tail painting the garage and moving the office from one room to another. I was so proud of all of the work he did! And it allowed us to get so much more done while my parents were in town. When we got in town on Friday night, my great friend Marisa brought us a yummy dinner and helped us paint the nursery (Matt had already cleared the room and taped it off). We finished in about an hour, so spent the rest of the night playing that favorite board game of mine! On Saturday, the men put the crib together and spent the whole day building shelves in the garage. Mom made curtains for the nursery and I… I’m not really sure what I did! Everything turned out just perfect! We are almost all ready for Miss Hosanna to make her grand appearance! Speaking of Miss Hosanna, she is a chunk! We had an ultrasound this week and she is already 3lbs! Yikes! My doctor said that she is around the 90%! My hope is that she just went through a growth spurt and won’t be a 10lb baby! The doctor did say that everything is looking great and we are praising the Lord for that!
Matt and mom painting the nursery.
The lovely curtain mom made!
Matt working on the garage.