No Words

Speechless. In awe of God's grace and blessings. Below is a journal entry I wrote about a month ago, the day after we found out we were pregnant. (Yes, we are pregnant!) It is a simple walk through the last 6 months of our journey.


Your timing is perfect. I believe that. But that doesn't mean I understand it. We tried for 2 years to have a child of our own. You used that time to prepare us for and lead us to adoption. We prayed. Prayed some more. And began the adoption process. We were thrilled we had been called to adopt. Amazed by the process! Life-changing. Received a referral. Over-joyed. Fell in love with 2 boys in Ethiopia. Thought we were a family of four. Devastated to have to end our relationship with our agency. Lost our referral for the boys. Broken-hearted. Peace from You. Began looking at new agencies. Decided we might go with one. Days later found out we were pregnant. What?! Excited! Worried at all the possibilities. Talk and pray. Talk and pray. What are we to do now. Decide we are still going to adopt. We are called. Our hearts are in Ethiopia. Two of our children are there. Can't go with new agency because we are pregnant. Search for a new agency. We don't understand but we TRUST. WE trust in an almighty God who knows what is best for us. A God who is using this life to make us more like Christ. May we not forget this and glorify You in every decision we make. Guide us Lord!

We are seeking the Lord's guidance daily. We know he has the perfect agency for us that will lead us to our children. We can't wait to get the ball rolling again! Please pray for us as we make this decision about our agency. Please pray for our 3 children, that the Lord will protect them, grow them and bring them into our arms safely.