Hosanna's First Swing

Today we went to the zoo and Hosanna had her first experience swinging! As soon as I let go of the swing she giggled and giggled! I think she liked it! :)


Show Us Your Life

Kelly’s Korner is a blog I have been reading pretty consistently for several months. Every week she has a different “Show Us Your Life” topic and other bloggers can post about the topic too. This week’s topic was to share a typical day in your life. So here it is...

A typical day with Hosanna Belle. Although I loved being a teacher, being a stay at home mom was always my dream. Thankfully, the Lord also gave Matt that same desire for me. I am so grateful that Matt works so hard to support our family so that I am able to stay home with our little one. I thank God daily for allowing me to have the best job in the world! Spending the day with Hosanna is amazing! She brings such joy to my heart in everything she does.

8:00 - Wake up (surprisingly with no alarm) and wake Hosanna. I LOVE waking Hosanna up! She always gives me the biggest smile, melts my heart! Feed Hosanna and change her. Take a pic/video of her with my phone and send it to daddy, grandparents, aunt and uncles. Yes, we do this every day! All of the family look forward to their daily viewings of Hosanna.

8:30 - Head downstairs to eat breakfast. Hosanna swings or plays while I eat and check email. Play downstairs, start a load of laundry.

9:50 - Head to Hosanna’s room to read her Bible story. Hosanna naps. I try to do my quiet time and nap if I’m tired.

11:00 - Hosanna wakes up and we play in her room or my room.

12:00 Hosanna eats and then I eat. Somedays I watch “What Not To Wear” while I eat! We play some more or go for a walk.

2:00 - Hosanna naps. I clean whatever needs to be cleaned, plan dinner, etc.

4:00 - Hosanna wakes up and eats. We play until daddy gets home.

5:30ish - Daddy comes home and we hangout and then eat and play some more.

7:00 - Hosanna eats, has her cereal, takes a bath (her favorite!) and gets ready for bed.

8:00 - I rock baby girl for a few minutes, sing/hum to her, pray for her and put her down.

The rest of the night Matt and I hang out and try to go to bed around 10. But as I type right now, it’s 1:00am! Yikes! Too much coffee tonight!

I definitely am a planner and love a consistent schedule, but we are not always at home all day. Some days we go swimming at the Y, go eat lunch with daddy (we eat, he works), go to Bible Study, have play dates, run errands, go to the zoo, etc. We love to be out and about!

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of a day!