And We Are Back!

As you can imagine, our lives have changed a bit in the past year. To say the least. Hosanna just turned a year old last month! She is so much fun and keeps me very busy (as you can tell from the lack of blogging)! I treasure every moment with her and am so thankful to be her mommy! We could also say that our lives have changed a bit in the past three days! On Wednesday we got 'The Call' we had been waiting for! We received our referral for the most adorable little 3ish/4ish year old boy! He is just a doll! Chunky cheeks just like Hosanna! We are praising God for this precious little one and praying for him as we continue with the process to bring him home!


lesli said...

YAY!!! I saw Susan's fb status that 2 more families got referrals and I was hoping one of them was y'all. Congrats on your little guy! We need to get together sometime and chat about all this excitement :)

Kimberly Kitchens said...

Congrats on your little boy!!! I am so excited for you! I miss seeing you, but love keeping up with all your wonderful pics of Hosanna on facebook. I will keep you in my prayers as you guys move forward to bring your little boy home!